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    tenerife property Lanzarote property Gran Canaria property Fuerteventura property listing

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    Long term rental
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    Canary Island home pages:
    Gran Canaria

    Canary Island property
    Canary Island estate agents

    Property for sale in Canary Islands

    Lanzarote property

    Useful Articles/Info.
    Canary Island property purchase procedure
    The process of buying a property in Spain

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    This Mortgage Calculator will help you determine your monthly payments for your mortgage. Simply fill out the numbers to the best of your ability and then calculate your Payment.

    One bedroom apartment for sale in Puerto Rico. Recently refurbished on a quiet complex not...
    Price 70,000 euros
    Puerto del Carmen - Long term rental

    Close to all amenities, 2 bedrooms, 2 ba...
    Price 700 euros
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    Bank repossessed property in Caleta de Fuste. Well positioned close to all amenities but i...
    Price 22,100 euros

    Canary Island property portal

    Canary Island Property News

    Welcome to the largest single collection of properties for sale in the Canary Islands. You will find over 10,000 regularly updated properties for sale and rent from reputable estate agents on all islands.

    The Summer 2013 issue79 of the Canary Island property magazine is out now



    Canary Island overview

    There is a section for each island.

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    Canarian Property guide.

    Canary Island property guide

    The Canaries are very diverse islands. Each island has its own unique character. gry przygodowe dla dziewczyn gra ubieranki

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  • Newsletter


    Spanish economy close to leveling out

    The Bank of Spain recently reported that the gross domestic product (GDP) shrank only 0.1 percent between April and June. This compares favourably to the 2 percent shrinkage in this year first quarter. A record tourist season and increased exports are seen as the major influences in this improvement.

    Tourist spend increases

    Banks receive bonus pay cap

    2 year bank eviction suspension

    More low cost flights for more British visitors


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    Locate your perfect property in the canary islands

    If you are looking for a bargin property here is the perfect place to start
    Get Organised
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